Stop your search because you have found what you were looking for. The Live Music Capital of Texas definitely lives up to its name and will not disappoint you if you’re looking for the best live concerts available on a daily basis. Virtually on every corner into he city you’ll find different types of venues and locations, from restaurants to bars, outdoor secluded areas or downtown parks, with amazing live music throughout. 

The city of Austin, Texas, will keep your ears busy, your feet moving and your lips humming or  lipssinking to the tunes that you know. The South and Southwest Music festival or big reunion gigs at COTA, the bread, butter, salt and pepper of bat city is there waiting for you to join in the crowds. With excellent musical performances renowned world-wide, day in, day out, night in, night out, with plenty international artists touring the city under the good ol’ Southern nights, the local realtors in Austin TX promise you’ll spend the best times of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you like country music, pop phenomena, rock stars or classical concerts, Austin, Texas, is the place for you. All you’ll need to do is find the time and organize it based on the best acts that you don’t want to miss. The only drawback is that you can’t clone yourself but with the technological advancements happening throughout the city's booming economy, that might be possible any day now.

Where to find the Best Live Music in Austin, TX

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an authentic Austinite, walking through the city of Austin, from the airport to the furthest nock and crany of the city, live music or music in other forms will be playing all around you. Let’s go over the quintessential places for the most upscale musical experiences available in the melodical city of Austin, Texas.

The Continental Club

In Travis Heights you’ll find one of the best locations if you’re looking for a great night out at an affordable price with happy hour drinks between $7 and $10, but it’s not the drinks that keeps the customers coming. With a rich history since it’s opening day in 1955, the Continental Club hosted the likes of Paul Ray and the Cobras, Joe Ely, Double Trouble as well as legends like Wanda Jackson and Robert Plant. Due to the small 200-room capacity and small stage, the performances at the Continental Club are electric but intimate at the same time. Both the beer selection and the mixed drinks are right up there with the tallent on the stage to ensure an overall incredible experience for lovers of country, rock, blues and jazz acts from both local and national artists.

Historic Scoot Inn

If you like to discover the best and most interesting eclectic indie bands the Scoot Inn’s rich Austinian history will give you exactly that. While the building only houses the live music venue  since 1955, it functioned as a grocery store since 1871. When Aubrey “Scoot” Ivy and his wife purchased the location, they rebranded it after his nicknames and transformed it into a saloon and live music venue. Concerts are held both inside and outside on warm summer nights where Austinians from all blocks of life come together to enjoy the best that their city has to offer. Seats are comfortable but it helps to get there early to ensure you get access to one. Also, if you want a more relaxing moment while you’re at the Scoot Inn, the piano room in the back provides a more soothing atmosphere and you’ll be able to catch a breather.

Headliners Locations

While live music venues can be found left, right and center in Austin, if you’re looking for the venues that host headliners with packed dance floors and crowds that go above and beyond to be heard from the stage, here are just some of these locations. On Fifth Street, you’ll find Antone’s where classic acts fill up the space with croeds of people in no time just like an establishment that wrote a few pages in Austin’s music history. If you find yourself in East Austin, don’t you dare walk past the Parish where up-and-comers are featured by cult favorites in an exclusive atmosphere. For a piece of America’s longest-running music television series, you should stop by Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater where sought-after artists love to perform. They, however, don’t hang up their coats there but visit the sister venue, 3TEN ACL Live where smaller acts, and a softer sound can be enjoyed by those that want to take the opportunity to also high-five Willie Nelson’s statue before or after a great performance.

Outdoor Entertainment

Seeing the Austin weather makes it possible for many live performances to take place outdoors, there’s no shortage of outdoor music venues in the city. Aside from the aforementioned Scoot Inn, South Austin’s Far Out Lounge & Stage creates an outdoor party atmosphere unparalleled with incredible sound on a laid-back pation stage. If you also want to enjoy a great barbeque with your entertainment, the Stubb’s Bar-B-Q gives plenty of space with the huge outdoor venue where crowd are welcomed almost every night. 


So there you have it. Pick and choose at your discretion and don’t foget to tip your waiters or entertainers accordingly. Nothing shows appreciation than cheers and claps from the crowd, but supporting artists can only be evaluated through cash. The cost of living in the city makes it easy to show your appreciation for you entertainers so use the no income tax profit you get from your monthly paycheck and make the cost of living affordable for others as well.

In this day and age, we are used to enjoy music in studio recorder versions on our phones through headphones that block every other sound out and ensures that nothing disturbs the precise sounds that we trust to always stay the same. We end up memorising every inhale, every beat, every click and effect on our favourite songs. It’s comfortable, trustworthy and safe. We know what to expect. Still, there’s nothing that can be compared to a live performance where the artist connects with the audience on a personal level. Where you see the sweat on their brow as they reach that difficult note while strumming their quitar and keep the rhythm of the song with every muscle on their body. It sometimes makes you feel like you intrude on an intimate, personal, even sensual moment, too personal for such a large crowd of people, but those people are also a part of the performance. They have their own lines like notes on a staff that are detrimental to the performance, and without them the song wouldn’t become the immersive performance that moves everyone in the same rhythm to the same drum.

That’s the beauty of live performances and no full HD sound recording will ever manage to match it. That’s what you can experience all the time in Austin and that is why the city of Austin, Texas, is and ever will be the Live Music Capital of the World.